Viscosity solutions of the augmented K- Hessian equations

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In this paper, the Dirichlet problem for the augmented k – Hessian equations in the bounded domain with nonsmooth data will be investigated. We introduce the concept of (w,k) – convex function, show that all viscosity subsolutions and supersolutions of the considering Dirichlet problem are (w,k) – convex. Furthermore, we prove some sufficient conditions for the existence and uniqueness of the viscosity solutions of the Dirichlet problem

The synthesis of TCNQ-based material with derivative of leucine amino

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A new material, Leu(CH3)4-TCNQ, has been successfully synthesized from Tetracyanoquinondimethane (TCNQ) and amino acid ester, N,N,N-Trimethyl-L-Leucine Methyl ester ((Leu(CH3)4+). This material was characterized by modern physicochemical methods such as: X-ray diffraction technique (XRD), Raman, Infrared (FT-IR) and UV-Vis spectroscopy and voltammetric technique. This result will offering a new direction for the synthesis of new materials from TCNQ and other amino acids.

Synthesis of some benzo[d]thiazole derivatives via suzuki cross-coupling reaction

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In this study, 5 benzo[d]thiazole (3a-3e) derivatives were successfully synthesized in 2 steps through Suzuki cross-coupling reaction from 2-(4-bromophenyl)benzo[d]thiazole (2) and arylboronic acid derivatives in 80-95%.These compounds’ structure was determined through NMR and mass spectral analysis. Besides, The key compound 2 was synthesized with a domestic microwave oven which helps to save cost and time in the synthesis process.

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T. 1 S. 2 (2022): HPU2. Nat. Sci. Tech. Vol 1, issue 02 (2022)
					Xem T. 1 S. 2 (2022): HPU2. Nat. Sci. Tech. Vol 1, issue 02 (2022)
Đã Xuất bản: 28-12-2022

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